Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Hello December 2010...

Hello December is little bit too late to say Hello December hehe..
but it's OK let us welcome it with joy December..Why?because because Christmas and New Year 2011 will soon arrive..yeaayyy...

time to
reflect our attitude in this year 2010 and make planning and renewal in 2011...

time is go so fast isn't it?
hopefully I'm always given a long life and being a better person.Amien..

By the way..this is my first writing since 5 months didn't post anything in my personal blog..
but that does not mean I do not write..
you can visit my Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog at

I do some new business too..
one of my new business is a business Oriflame, u can also check at

I really had a wonderful life this past few Hello December..^_^

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