Sabtu, 27 Februari 2010

Alice in Wonderland Movies

wowie...Can't hardly wait to watch this movies...
from the director of Tim Burton and Disney pictures with the top & best actor and actress...
I'm sure this movies will be great movies..and I must watchin' this movies..
please see their cast..awesome..awesome...
yes..this is 'Alice in Wonderland' (yup my new blog..Cilya in wonderland :please:)

Alice in Wonderland movies picture

Alice's World
Mia Wasikowska as Alice

Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter

Anne Hathaway as The White Queen

Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen

Matt Lucas as Tweddledee & Tweddledum

Glee TV Series

I really like this movies...

and like their Soundtrack too

Visit my new blog

heloow.. I made my new blog..that blog only just for Fashion report, tips and DIY .. all just about and fashion so..I'm invite you to read, enjoy and share everything about fashion only in my Wonderland visit Cilya in Wonderland

and put your comment in my "Fashion in Wonderland" ya thanks u

Kamis, 25 Februari 2010

Sewing Machine

My Birthday presents wishes...
Hope my hubby wanna give it to me as my Birthday presents..amin..amin..

-30 Stitch Patterns
-2 Fully Automatic 1-step Buttonholes
-Drop & Sew™ Bobbin System
-Class 15J Bobbin
-SwiftSmart™ Threading System
-Drop Feed for Free Motion Sewing
-Push Button Stitch Selection
-Adjustable Stitch Length & Width
-Heavy Duty Metal Frame
-25 Year Limited Warranty

London Fashion Week AW10/11- Menswear- Wintle

Nice tailoring....I heart this collection

London Fashion Week AW10/11- Menswear- Orschel-Read

A classic sportswear aesthetic was introduced through contrasting stripes...adorable...:inlove:

London Fashion Week AW10/11- Eun Jeong

I Like her design, becoz..her cutting is so different and her design was application wif nice color...

nice clothing design..thumbs up

Owl City

This couple of week..I dont know why..suddenly I'm crush wif Owl City Band....
When Owl City havin a great tour in Jakarta?
I will watchin you Owl City...

Sheshe Butik Email

hallooo...hallooo...Sheshe Butik email is goin back to normal again..
yippie...hope my website not havin some problem again..

so all of you can order again at


My Dream Book

when I was a child I was dreamin' about havin pleasure all around the world..
and I'm grown up now..
I was thinkin when i can do all my dream...?
so..I made this dream book..this is my dream and i will do anything to get this all be coming true...

setting goal and focus on about u?

Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

Order E-Style Book

Attention please..for all of you who wanna order my E-Style Book "10 Cara Kreatif Mengenakan Scarf Anda" can email my Sheshe Butik :

Thank you

Email trouble

Hi everybody....

I wanna say apologize for this not convenience that all of you can't send email to my butik email: a while...becoz..there was had some problem again...::(

but I promise to fix it ASAP..

Thanks for your attention

Minggu, 21 Februari 2010

E-Style Book by Sheshe Butik

I am proudly announcement my E-Style Book...

only IDR 25.000 and $.3
wow..that is so good price you know...

you can create your style with your own scarf ..
for order you can email my butik at:

or you can sms at: 021-9355 6372, 08138522 5459

The Body Shop

Yesterday i was went to some mall and bought some favorite perfume is White Musk from Body Shop.
The most I like it from Body Shop is their campaign about all issues in this world. Such as :
and as a business woman I also one of Anita Roddick Fans (she's founder of The Body Shop)..
I really heart her idea and like what she said about: "the business of business should not just be about money, it should be about responsibility. It should be about public good, not private greed."
I hope I am is ones person like what she said...

I also took their brochure about one of their campaign
I read and its so touching me..really..really make me realize about Global Warming issue...
in their inside brochure their write their program (and I think you must know about this)
  • The Body Shop do Green Action tree planning campaign
  • Global Warming Awareness Campaign
  • Bring-back-our bottle Campaign
  • Earth Day Activities
  • Staff volunteering program for environment.
  • "Green Office Green Behavior" internal campaign: Waste management, 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) water, electricity, paper, No styrofoam in the office policy, training on 'green' knowledge and behavior'm proud to you Body Shop...and I think I must do some your program in my house...start it from now...
yeah ... I will...lets do save our earth.

everybody..lets do together..

I found new Fashion blog..

wow..when i was did some browsed at Google I found this fashion blog..
all of you whose love fashion, must check this blog too...

click in here!!.. Happy Googling all

Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

Sheshe Butik Garage Sale 50%

So what are you waitin' for..grab it now!!!

you can click in Sheshe Butik website
for more info you can email at:

Happy Shopping

Jumat, 19 Februari 2010

The Beauty of Sharing

Hey everybody....

just wanna give some info for all of you who loves reading some book about motivation, quotes of live, etc...
you can read and share in here about anything...

I was read article about
Mimpi dan Berjuang

I heart this article..
because it makes me realize about: How extraordinary the strength of thoughts of humankind

all of you must click this website
in here

so please always positive thinking and be the person who always have Dream Big..

A pieces picture of me

yesterday I was went to my Burger Cafe at Rumah Budaya...
the weather is cloudy and of my aunt partners take some my photo with his camera..he is a photograph...

I really shame because..honestly I'm not a photogenic hehe...but I like the photo result..(and I think it's better black and white color haha :ahaha: )

and I wanna say Thanks you Mas Aldi Markus Palgunadi for making me gorgeous on this pic :eheh:

Senin, 15 Februari 2010

Beauty & Healthy Info

How was your day everybody..?

Me?of course I'm Fine always..hoho...
So..what the topic that I wanna write today?*beside my to late Valentines Day and Happy Chinese Year greetings hehe..

When I was enjoying my Afternoon Hot Chocolate in my Lovely table dinner...
Suddenly, I was thinking about : how if I'm writing some new article about Beauty and Healthy tips too in my u know that I always wrote about Fashion article right?so why don't we also share about Beauty and Healthy tips...

yeaah..just made me feel not boring to my blog...No..No..I didn't mean that writing my blog is such a boring activity..I love my blog a lot..but I just wanna making something new...with added the new article

owkey..without a long conversation now I wanna share about "Bright your underarm Skin"

We must find out the cause of why our underarm Skin looks so dark?
this is several matters of the cause
  • Tight clothing...which consequently leads to dark armpits.
  • Your deodorant...hmm...deodorant?yup..maybe your skin is so sensitive or your deodorant contained alcohol or the excessive chemical
  • Sweat was abundant
  • and maybe the shortage of the cleanliness of the body

So lets prevent with:
  • Do Scrubbing to your body min twice a week
  • Always drink mineral water min 10-12 glasses per day
  • Spread Vitamin E to your body
Do it at your home with natural remedies

- Lemons : can whitening your underarm skin because of containing quite strong acid
- Backing Soda: after you had a shower spread Backing Soda to your underarms skin
- Coconut Oil: Yup..coconut oil contained vitamin E for removing the dead skin

So why don't you try that...happy trying all....

Happy Valentines Day and Tiger Years

oohhh sory because I'm late to said this:

Jumat, 05 Februari 2010

Fashion Looks and Tips - Saturday Fever

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