Senin, 18 Januari 2010

I miss my blog

Oh my's been so long I'm not wrote my lovely blog..
sorry blog I'm very busy..super busy exactly...

Right head was fulled handled my website ...really wasted my time..I'm really disappointed with peoples whose makes my butik website...
hey dude...all of you not do your job very well..
not just wasted my time but also my money..*sight...
I worked hard to get money for making this website..but all of you did not appreciated that..shame on you..(ups..bad words-sorry)

So..for my customers, I wanna say sorry for your not convenience because all of you can't open my website for a while..but I butik online officially will opening soon ... need your support too...thanks.

By the way..I have new business right kuliner field..I open my burger booth at Rumah Budaya. Location is at Pondok Labu - Jakarta burger booth name is Double D Burger..
I sold beef burger with meat that did not contain MSG so that's is so very safe for your child's...
you must try it..hmm yummy...

all sorry ya for the bad words hehe..

so..wait for my new posting I will try to write my blog every day..ho..ho..I try but not promise :sweaty:..

caiyoo :bye:

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