Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

Happy Monday

Hey All...

This is from Sheshe Butik tips
Happy Monday ya all...Lets Spreads our love to people around us okay.. =)

*Teks in zoom:

Get the Balance Right

Don’t be scare to look Fabs...
A longer White Jacket dipadukan dengan shorter Red Skirts lalu Pumps Shoes warna senada dengan Skirts serta Patent Leather Bags warna senada dengan Jackets....

Untuk Accesorries pakailah Scarf bermotif, kali ini coba pilih corak polkadot merah dengan dasar putih. Kenapa bercorak?karena Jackets anda sudah polos, jadi pilihlah yang bercorak..

Gunakan Drop Earings warna merah dan pilih Bracelet yang berdesain simple warna putih agar tidak berkesan terlalu ‘berat’ pada penampilan anda ...

So..This is it...U look so Fabs and different right?

Happy Monday all

(white blazer$135 topshop, Red-Libertine-Skirt, pumps -by marla $116,99)

Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

My Vacation

Hai all...

I had a very nice vacation yesterday...
yup..I'm trying to had relaxation for one day..I went toAtlantis Ancol and Gelanggang Samudra Amcol..
that was fun!!

Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

Awesome Illustration

I didn't know about this Illustrator. name Yoko Furusho.
But when I saw this pic...I said "I heart this"
for me this is awesome...How about you?

Rata Tengah

Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

E-Style Book

:hi: All..

I really can't hardly wait to announce my E-Style Book to all Ladies in all around the wrold..(prikitiw )...can't hardly wait to share it to all of you......be passion..be passion :eheh:

you know what? it's so hard to write a good word and try to make everyone whose read my E-Style Book understand so easier and can practice that in their own style everyday..
Hope I can do the best that i can..amin

come on Cilya...I can do it..yay...:blush:

so..just wait and see ya all...

I Love this Holiday Gift Guide

Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

Men's Clothes on Milan Fashion Week AW 10/11

John Varvatos and Salvatore Ferragamo

Alexander McQueen

Love this design

Senin, 18 Januari 2010

I miss my blog

Oh my God..it's been so long I'm not wrote my lovely blog..
sorry blog I'm very busy..super busy exactly...

Right now..my head was fulled handled my website ...really wasted my time..I'm really disappointed with peoples whose makes my butik website...
hey dude...all of you not do your job very well..
not just wasted my time but also my money..*sight...
I worked hard to get money for making this website..but all of you did not appreciated that..shame on you..(ups..bad words-sorry)

So..for my customers, I wanna say sorry for your not convenience because all of you can't open my website for a while..but I promise..my butik online officially will opening soon ... need your support too...thanks.

By the way..I have new business right now..in kuliner field..I open my burger booth at Rumah Budaya. Location is at Pondok Labu - Jakarta Selatan..my burger booth name is Double D Burger..
I sold beef burger with meat that did not contain MSG so that's is so very safe for your child's...
you must try it..hmm yummy...

all sorry ya for the bad words hehe..

so..wait for my new posting I will try to write my blog every day..ho..ho..I try but not promise :sweaty:..

caiyoo :bye:

Jumat, 01 Januari 2010


Hai blog..:hi:

this is my first posting in 2010 .....I wanna upload my pic when spent my weekend with my little family..
Happy New Year all...

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