Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Sheshe Look at my Looklet

Check my Looklet Style today..

Flat Shoes?Why not..try to mix with adorable tight, don't forget choose the right dress and accessories..u will look stunning today..Happy Tuesday Everyone

Hello December 2010...

Hello December is little bit too late to say Hello December hehe..
but it's OK let us welcome it with joy December..Why?because because Christmas and New Year 2011 will soon arrive..yeaayyy...

time to
reflect our attitude in this year 2010 and make planning and renewal in 2011...

time is go so fast isn't it?
hopefully I'm always given a long life and being a better person.Amien..

By the way..this is my first writing since 5 months didn't post anything in my personal blog..
but that does not mean I do not write..
you can visit my Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog at

I do some new business too..
one of my new business is a business Oriflame, u can also check at

I really had a wonderful life this past few Hello December..^_^

Senin, 26 Juli 2010

Hot Chocolate Recipes

hey its been so long...didnt write my lovely personal blog..
but i always active wrote on my Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Cilya in Wonderland

now what ya?hmm i wanna share about food recipe that i've got from my friends...I wrote in Bahasa...

coklat panas genit

Coklat Panas atau Hot Chocolate, memang sangat nikmat diminum dikala malam hari atau ketika hawa sedang dingin. Rasa coklat yang lezat terbukti mampu manghilangkan stress. Resep dibawah ini adalah salah satu kreasi minuman coklat panas atau Hot Chocolate, Coklat Panas Genit.


1/2 cup coklat bubuk (Cocoa Powder)
6 sdm gula pasir (atau sesuai selera)
7 sdt tepung maizena
1/2 cangkir air putih
1 liter susu cair

Cara membuat:

Campurkan coklat bubuk dan gula ke dalam panci berukuran sedang.

Larutkan tepung maizena menggunakan air putih kemudian masukkan larutan tepung maizena tersebut kedalam campuran coklat dan gula. Aduk-aduk agar tercampur rata. Panaskan dengan api kecil.

Tambahkan susu cair sambil diaduk perlahan sampai mendidih. Biarkan coklat mendidih hingga kurang lebih 10 menit, aduk-aduk hingga campuran coklat mengental, mengkilap dan menjadi lembut. Angkat

Untuk tampilan lebih cantik, hiasi dengan whipped cream, batang kayu manis, dan ‘bedak’i dengan serbuk coklat. Hidangkan panas-panas. Pas untuk 6 cangkir.

so have a nice trying guys...

Selasa, 08 Juni 2010


'Don't judge & punish a person when they made some mistake,but share &solving them with wisely&love 'till they understand they mistake' -Cilya

Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010

Flea Market at FX Senayan

Calling All Shoppers....!!!
Come. visit and Buy Sheshe butik product at FX Flea Market
Get very 'Nice' price..disc untill 70%
Sheshe butik stand is #14

Jumat, 07 Mei 2010

Nice Illustration

I like this Illustration....

Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

My new boutique collection

Selasa, 27 April 2010


bookmarks to your PC my Fashion Blog

Jumat, 23 April 2010

Girlfriends Fashion Academy

Senin, 19 April 2010

My Next Shoes

Hello Tuesday..Hello Everybody...

how was your day today?
Yesterday when I wrote and posted some article in my Fashion blog about Clogs your Feet I saw a nice Clogs and I said this Clogs must be my next items and my next shoes in my shoes closet...I will..I will have it!! hahaha...silly but yup that's my little wish about shoes :inlove:...

by the way..please always visit my Fashion & Lifestyle blog ya ....

owkey..finish for today..luv..luv...

Sabtu, 10 April 2010

Account temporarily disabled

oh nooooo....why suddenly my Account temporarily disabled?
my cilyainwonderland email, can't open. why..oh why..this morning i wrote article and posting that in my and I was setting my gmail in my Blackberry mobile, and after that I can't open my cilyainwonderland email gmail..

what happen..oh no...

I'm sad..sad..sad...

New from MAC

Give me prim. Give me proper. In this colourful collaboration, M∙A∙C celebrates Liberty of London's most famous prints. Bloomingly lovely!

I Love MAC new collection so gorgeous, colorful, cheerful and so spring...
you wanna try?

Jumat, 09 April 2010

Miss my Blogging

ooohhh no...I really miss my blogging, it's been so long not wrote on my lovely blogging..the reason is always busy..busy..busy!!..

2nd reason is I'm not in a good mood for this couple of week...
I didn't know fact I had some vacation to Puncak with my little + my big family but why I'm still had not in a good mood?:puppyeyes::sigh:

tomorrow I wanna posting about my beauty kit and what in my bag..and I wanna try new color for my nail..

so nite everybody...I think I'm starting :yawn:..wanna go to bed...
kiss..kiss..and big hug for all of you..

Minggu, 21 Maret 2010

Fashion and Lifestyle Blog


please check my Lifestyle blog: Cilya in Wonderland...
you can share and getting more info about Fashion and Style Report, Fashion Tips, Hot Info and Event, Beauty and Healthy .

such as :

and don't forget to put your comment in my Lifestyle Blog ya ...
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See you there..
All the Fashion and Lifestyle

Sabtu, 20 Maret 2010


Support our Government EARTH HOUR programme with turn off your lamp on Saturday, March 27 2010 at 8.30 pm - 9.30 pm only 1 hour.
Show that you care

Rabu, 10 Maret 2010

Tired Woman

Oh is really2 tired day..
and plus I feel
miss him so..:woooh:

What I'm feelin about you

My dearest Love..

I know it's sound so silly,or called "Lebay"..but I want you to know my feelin' about you

I Love You..
I love you with all my heart
I love the way you love me, kiss me, touch me
I don't wanna loose you..I really do

I can't erase that feelin'

All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart,
And for us to be together, to never be apart.

I hope that one day you'll come to realize,
How perfect you are when seen through my eyes.

So these seven words,
I pray you hold true,
"Forever And Always,
I Will Love You."

Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

Legging Info and Tips from Cilya in Wonderland

:hi: wanna to know more info about Leggings? you can see in here:
Cilya in Wonderland

Sabtu, 27 Februari 2010

Alice in Wonderland Movies

wowie...Can't hardly wait to watch this movies...
from the director of Tim Burton and Disney pictures with the top & best actor and actress...
I'm sure this movies will be great movies..and I must watchin' this movies..
please see their cast..awesome..awesome...
yes..this is 'Alice in Wonderland' (yup my new blog..Cilya in wonderland :please:)

Alice in Wonderland movies picture

Alice's World
Mia Wasikowska as Alice

Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter

Anne Hathaway as The White Queen

Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen

Matt Lucas as Tweddledee & Tweddledum

Glee TV Series

I really like this movies...

and like their Soundtrack too

Visit my new blog

heloow.. I made my new blog..that blog only just for Fashion report, tips and DIY .. all just about and fashion so..I'm invite you to read, enjoy and share everything about fashion only in my Wonderland visit Cilya in Wonderland

and put your comment in my "Fashion in Wonderland" ya thanks u

Kamis, 25 Februari 2010

Sewing Machine

My Birthday presents wishes...
Hope my hubby wanna give it to me as my Birthday presents..amin..amin..

-30 Stitch Patterns
-2 Fully Automatic 1-step Buttonholes
-Drop & Sew™ Bobbin System
-Class 15J Bobbin
-SwiftSmart™ Threading System
-Drop Feed for Free Motion Sewing
-Push Button Stitch Selection
-Adjustable Stitch Length & Width
-Heavy Duty Metal Frame
-25 Year Limited Warranty

London Fashion Week AW10/11- Menswear- Wintle

Nice tailoring....I heart this collection

London Fashion Week AW10/11- Menswear- Orschel-Read

A classic sportswear aesthetic was introduced through contrasting stripes...adorable...:inlove:

London Fashion Week AW10/11- Eun Jeong

I Like her design, becoz..her cutting is so different and her design was application wif nice color...

nice clothing design..thumbs up

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