Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

Wishing you a Happy New year 2010

Hope this New Year brings you

Hopes for a bright future

Affection and love

Peace for the heart

Prosperity that unlimited

Year Run Fun

Wishing u a happy new year 2010

Jumat, 25 Desember 2009

Merry Christmas 2009 ...

Today all Christiani people all around the world has celebrate Christmas Day so..I wanna say:

Mзяяy X-♍∂s 2009 ..... Goϑ ßlзss U ∂ll

Senin, 21 Desember 2009

Happy Mothers Day

☺♥♡Happy Mothers Day for all mom's all around the world♥♡☺

I wanna say for my Mom's too that I always love you ma,thanks for everything..
Without you Iam nothing..Happy Mothers Day for my Mama

Minggu, 13 Desember 2009

Sunday...oh Sunday....

Helloooo everyone...helloo too my lovely blog...:hi:

wew..this week is so busy week for me..yup..i must checked my Boutique production, handled all requested from my customer, had some bazaar..(my first son said: Bazaar..Bazaar and always bazaar..cape dey :woooh:)..but i do it all with passion..tired but i'm happy...

but yesterday I've got stomachache..aarrgghhh...must go to the toilet every 10 minute *sight...
I didn't knew what happened with my stomache because suddenly it's so pain ...can't wake up from my bed...until know..

hmm..maybe this is sign that I must taking a rest and relax for a while..I must having some "Me Time"..ya..ya..ya..I must do that...
but my business is always stuck in my head..phew..

okey..forget about my stomach now I have some announcement..
right now..I'm preparing some exciting project and that project Insya Allah will be release on January 2010..wish me luck ya all...

I can't hardly wait to release that..and hope that project will be some a good business for me.Amin...

:yawn:..hmm..I think I have to go now..I wanna to take a rest and sleeping..see yaa :wave:
have a nice dream all..big kisses and hug...

Selasa, 08 Desember 2009

Bazaar for Christmas at Permata Hijau

Christmas Day will be coming soon..
prepare for the special gift for your special person...

Come to our stand Bazaar for Christmas at Permata Hijau Residence

Sabtu, 05 Desember 2009

hey..hey...Bag Organizer

Color your day at your office with Sheshe Butik Bag Organizer collection..
You can click in here for more info ya..

My Stand Bazaar (Sheshe Butik)

hello there...I wanna upload my stand bazaar at Pondok Indah Futsal Parking Area...

Jumat, 04 Desember 2009

Bazaar branded and Garage Sale

Please Visit Sheshe Bu tik stand bazaar #20

At Bazaar Pondok Indah Branded and Garage Sale

4 – 5 December, 2009

Friday and Saturday, 10 am – 8 pm

Parking Area FUTSAL Pondok Indah next to PIM

Selasa, 01 Desember 2009

Christmas Ornament by Sheshe Butik

hello there, Christmas day is almost come..confusing to buy some gift to your lovely person?
why you not try to give this unique Christmas ornament...all is handmade..

you can click here..yup Sheshe Butik collection..

the cute hanging door with tree shapes...but this is only for refrigerator magnetic...
if you wanna buy this price only IDR. 15.000 or U$.3 per pcs size 6 cm, wow...that is not expensive right?

or this ginger?only IDR. 20.000 per pcs or U$ 4
Santa..Santa..Ho Ho Ho...only IDR.15.000 or U$ 3

Cute Stocking only IDR 20.000 or U$ 4.

Little white Stocking only IDR.15.000 or U$ 3

a gorgeous Angels only IDR 20.000 or U$ 4
wow..Reindeer only IDR.20.000 or U$ 4

Another Hanging Door only IDR.25.000 or U$ 5


Sorry for late writing about HIV AIDS Day...

but i wanna say..happy AIDS Day at December 1st 2009..for all of you..
Me as The younger generation wanna give a big support for Stop and controlling The HIV AIDS virus.

HIV AIDS Resulted in the death. you know what every day 7.400 new HIV case or 5 person per scary right?
Lets we Say Stop to AIDS and no free sex or use condom if you wanna having a sex..

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