Jumat, 27 November 2009

My suck Night

hmm..it happens last night..and i don't wanna write down what the real happen..just me, my self and I who knows about that tragedy

I just wanna write about my feeling...

maybe I'm not a good women or o good wife or a good mom, but I'm not a bad women or wife and mom too..I'm only a human whose not always perfect with my attitude, my words, in everything...

I really don't know why suddenly I'm becoming a grumpy person..and sensitive women..
before I know you I'm not like Iam right now..

realize or not you change me..
as you know..Iam glad to know you..since I meet you..Iam being an independent women, not spoil, being organize person, have a wise thinking but why Iam becoming a grumpy person..
Unintentionally you gave the example that was not good for me...

this statement not mention that you're not good person..you're a good person..you though me a lot of thing..and thanks for that...
but u also must know that love is about being respect each other..

well...what happen last night is not the first time it happen between us..

I don't know what I must to do right now...

all I can do just praying to God for giving me the best thing from the best thing and led me to your the best way from the best way that U have..for me and my little family..

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